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Incoterms 2010
Incoterms 2010
Incoterms 2010: New conditions for 2011

Last year was a complete revision of the standard terms of delivery of the International Chamber of Commerce and established new conditions that finally replaced the terms INCOTERMS 2000. Somewere canceled, replaced by others and some are new. Overall number of INCOTERMS 2010 was reduced to eleven.


Incoterms (International Commercial Terms)– International conditions for the transport of goods. Regulates payments for transportation, risks and responsibilities between the carrier, buyer and seller: Delivery conditions determine to what point (s) bears the risks and costs of delivery of goods seller, and where the risks and costs pass to the buyer. Do not provide the moment of transition property, which is more associated with the payment terms or other contractual arrangements. These standard conditions are traditionally divided into universally applicable (regardless of type of transport) and the specific conditions for ship transport. The seller with the buyer, of course, can agree any terms of delivery, for simplicity, however, have created standards that have a uniform interpretation and therefore do not require extensive contractual arrangements. Just bring that business partners in the contract or order the internationally used shortcut specify delivery terms and place of delivery, and both parties are clear where the goods are delivered, who will provide transportation, who bears the cost of shipping or insurance, or who will pay any damages caused by during transport.

The goods are taken away by the buyer directly from the operation of the seller, the buyer for it also fits in.

The seller is asked to deliver goods to the carrier designated by the buyer.

The seller must ensure that the contract of carriage, without having to take on themselves the risk of loss or damage of goods.

The seller must bear all costs and risks associated with the freight route.

New conditions of delivery

Compared to current practice will not continue to exist standard conditions DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid), DAF (Delivered At Frontier), DES (Delivered Ex Ship) DEQ (Delivered Ex Quay). If the trading partners will want to continue to benefit, they should not refer to the applicable INCOTERMS 2010.

Graphical representation of the new delivery stages can be found at: